NEW: You can now order some of my work directly on this website. If something is for sale you can see it on each page under the slideshow!  If you'd like to buy my work it is also possible by sending me an e-mail with your request. Its always fun to get to know my buyers!


Muzikengel is Chantal Burm. She makes portraits of musicians, actors and other creators. She uses different techniques: painting, watercolour, ink and even ministeck and embroidery. Chantal is inspired by popular culture, music, film, art. Facial expressions and the variety in human faces will always be the main topic in her art. She studied fashion and complemented that with a degree in teaching arts. She focusses not only on fabrics, fibers and fashion but also on ceramics and painting and various other techniques. She enjoys working on her own art more than teaching, but the weekly sewing classes and the occasional workshops in various arts and crafts still spark joy!



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