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Welcome to my blog. I don't know yet if it was a good idea to begin a blog, but time will tell, and you, my readers as well...I hope. So please give me feedback!


Sometimes as an artist you're confronted with a feeling of desperation. Is there anybody out there who will buy any of my stuff? For who am I making all my art? Just for myself or is that not enough in the long run? Can an artist be making art for a lifetime without getting any credit, in the form of support or clients? Questions that pop up from time to time. Fellow artists not often speak about their struggle in this matter. And why should they? Our social media induced society looks based on wonderful festivities, once-in-a-lifetime memories with photographs to prove it. Everybody is happy, succesful and rich. The downside of your existence is not something you want to share with the world. And that's where it all goes awry. There's this image of you that is known to outsiders and then there is the real you, with real problems, real families, real ups and downs. 

The real artist is one who worries if what she/he makes is enough to count as art.

The real artist is insecure from time to time.

The real artist is not per se a good salesperson. Selling your art is a different trade.

The real artist sees other people's art and starts to think that kind of art is simply unreachable for her/him. Never will you be as good an artist as to make this beautiful art.

The real artist is excited with her/his finished piece and then no one responds positive, if at all. 

The artist on facebook, tumble,  instagram, etsy, deviant art and so on is confident, outgoing, unaware of other people's fine art and even a bit cocky.

Well, the truth is that an artist, like most people, is not the person she/he seems to be on the internet. Still, we need the net to create beautiful portfolios and websites. We need pinterest and instagram to charm the viewers, to impress and to sell. We hope....


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