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So this week I made a new embroidery. Johnny Cash, as I was inspired to make a series of classic stars of the music industry. Names like Jim Morrisson, Annie Lennox,  ABBA,  Iggy Pop and Bob Marley came to mind. So Johnny was the first and I made him 3D. Well, not exactly, but I wanted to try and mount my embroidery instead of making a cushion of it. I used the same frames as the ones used for the painted portraits. And now with a little difference in size due to the fact that the embroidery is thicker, they match perfectly. Hoping to put them all together in one exhibition. Fixing an exhibition, that still needs work! I have to put my fears aside and go out and ask at places where I want to show my work. It's scary, even at my age. Oh well, still lots to learn eh?

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